Adam Carden


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Christian Ortiz


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Clare Pattinson


Clare currently makes quirky colourful automata from discarded objects found around Thanet. She has a background in animation, illustration and ceramics and supporting and organising local community arts events.

Facebook: Turner Handel Traditional Toys



David Henman

I am  an artist and illustrator living in London. I enjoy the freedom of expression that I get from working on comics, they are a great outlet for creativity, imagination and humour.



David Robertson


David Robertson makes comics, reads comics and writes about comics. He’s written for The Comics Grid, The Comics Journal, Down the Tubes, Graphixia, The International Journal of Comic Art, Nude, Reference Reviews, Spaceship Away, Starscape and Stripped. His own comics work has appeared in Adventures in Comics, Artificial Womb, BAM!, Belt Sander, A Bit of Undigested Potato, Copy This!, Crap Your Pants, Eric, Funtime, Shiot Crock, Small Pets, Treehouse, The UK Web and Mini Comix Anthology and at the 40075km website. Through Fred Egg Comics, he self-publishes his small press mini-comics Berserkotron and Dump.


Twitter: @fredeggcomics





David Shaw


I was born and educated in Ireland, Belfast and Dublin. Like the character in the Grimm tale I went out to learn fear in the education system. Taught drama and theatre studies in several schools. Had work experience in the National Theatre and directed a series of plays. Won the best original work prize in Barclays Musical Theatre Awards and completed MA in expressive arts at University of Kent. Has recently completed graphic novel called Arandora Crossing based on Second World War tragedy surrounding the sinking of Arandora Star. Whilst searching for a publisher I am working on some contemporary takes on Grimm Tales.



Di Lorriman


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Grace De Abreu


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Grainne McEntee


Co-creator of Apes 'n' Capes with Matt Rooke, Grainne McEntee was born to and raised by a pack of God-fearing wolves in a cavernous hole punched in the side of a Drumlin in Cavan, Ireland. Cooking is her therapy.  Writing is her attempt at making sense of the Universe. Still working on both.



Guildford College


Guildford College is the home of a wide range of visual and creative arts (as well as everything from construction to hairdressing. Our students are an eclectic bunch).


We are, possibly, best known for sculpture, with both Henry Moore and Dame Elizabeth Frinke walking through our beautiful School of Art doorway but nowadays we do a fine job of teaching visual arts on both desktop computer and touch screen. You may have seen us at MCM, LSCC, BETT, the Gadget Show Live, Eurogamer Expo and many more fine places in which case, hi, nice to see you again.


The students, every year, are given the Adventures in Comics brief, which is basically "two pages, that's the title." It's fun and lovely and every year I love what they do. I hope you like it too.



Hannah Lee Miller


Hannah Lee Miller, a born and bred Londoner with a lifetimes passion for comics and cartoons has finally started putting her own work out there.


I have spent most of my life writing, crafting, film-making, illustrating and creating but my main passion is drawing. I am a keen cartoonist, and particularly love graphic novels of which I have over 400 books.


I particularly love autobiographix using lovely page layouts and beautiful narrative led artwork. Instead of getting annoyed with urban living I like to cartoon my experiences.



Kyle Harabedian


Kyle Harabedian is an illustrator and cartoonist originally from Dearborn, Michigan. He studied illustration at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he earned his Bachelors degree. Kyle recently completed his Master of Fine Arts degree at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. His thesis project, a comic book adaptation of William Hope Hodgson’s short story The Gateway of the Monster, combined the genres of horror and pulp fiction. Now based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Kyle hopes to continue to contribute comics to anthologies and publications.



Dennis Madamba


Dennis Madamba is an artist and illustrator currently residing in Minneapolis, MN but is really from the San Francisco Bay Area. No one knows why he moved to such a cold place, but he likes it there.



Laura Hanna Stevens


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Liam Magill


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Lilo Greenan


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Maria Torano


My name is Maria Torano, I am an illustrator working and living in London. In the day time I have a normal Job in a museum, and in my free time I enjoy wandering in my deep inner world drawing and creating amazing stories.



Mark Thatcher


Mark Thatcher is a cartoonist and illustrator from Faversham, Kent. He has a life-long enthusiasm for comics, and draws caricatures for businesses and individuals, so Mark combined the two interests in "The Waltzer".



Matt Williams


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Pam Wye


I am an artist and writer. I'm currently working on a number of children's book proposals. I teach Art at an all-boy's inner city high school. I have a one-page comic in DUMP 3 illustrating a story by David Robertson.



Pip Hodgkinson


Using inks, pastels, oils and pencils Pips works attempt to create dark worlds linked by nostalgia, humour and a sense of decay. A graduate filmmaker from the east coast of Suffolk Pip now resides in London, not making as many films a he should but doing a lot more painting and illustration, so every cloud.



Poppy Holwill


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Simon Heather


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Sophie Alvis


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Stelios Tomazos


My full name is Stylianos (Stelios) Tomazos. I come from Greece and I was born on October 22nd, 1984 in Chios Island (an island in the eastern Aegean Sea). At the age of 18, I came to Athens to study in the University. At the time being, I continue living in Athens. I have a degree in English Language and Litterature and another one in French. My postgraduate studies were focused on "Educational Technology and Human Resource Management". I also attended a two-year programme on 3D Animation. I love reading novels (Classic Litterature, Modern Litterature) and, of course, comics. I am a superhero comicbook fan, but I love European comic albums (French, Italian) and crime stories, as well. I spend my leisure time working out in the gym, writing comicbook scripts and drawing comics for contests or for my personal projects.


This is my Deviant Art webpage where you can find more samples of my artwork:



Tillie Keen


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Tom Clarke


Tom Clarke works in the charity sector in London, and is the writer for SE15 Comics. His interests include folklore, myths & legends and the weirdness in everyday life. Tom also works in relief print.



Abi Aldridge


Abi Aldridge is based in London, and is the artist for SE15 Comics. An Interior Architect graduate, she works in varied mediums including illustration, graphic design and 3D modelling. She’s inspired by science fiction and feminism.



Zsolt Halmi


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