Adam Newcombe


Faculty of Business & Design, Swinburne Sarawak, Jalan Simpang Tiga, 93350 Kuching,, Sarawak, Malysia


Dr. Adam Newcombe is currently a senior lecturer- Graphics, in the School of Business & Design, Swinburne Sarawak in Malaysia. He has long experience working as a practicing designer and design academic. He has specialised in establishing, writing and delivering undergraduate and post-graduate design degrees.


His undergraduate honours degree is in Design Studies (Exhibition & Graphics) and his doctorate is in colonial history and graphic communication in the historical context. Adam has travelled extensively and has lived and taught in Germany, Pakistan, UK, Malaysia, Singapore and China. Before becoming an academic Adam had careers in both the theatre and music industries in both Germany and Australia.


Adam is a practicing designer and communicator as well as maintaining an Art practice, focused on digital imaging, collage assemblage and the graphic novel. His most recent writings have been concerned with the role of studio skills, drawing and craft in undergraduate education and work on the spirituality and sense of country of Tasmanian first people. This work plus his art practice, graphic novel work and further writings will soon be ported to a new website now in process.



Alan Remfry


Born in London, now living in Durham.UK. After taking early retirement now has time to draw. Mainly a writer with one graphic novel drafted and another sketched out, both with cryptic working titles, GN1941 and MBS. Cartoons produced for competitions and character based strips.



Allan Linder


Allan Linder was born in California and shares a unique family history of four generations of artists’. A versatile artist from early childhood, Linder instinctively knew how to draw filling endless sketchbooks with his imagination. He is an artist, writer, sculptor, drawing comic books, storyboards for film and television, character design for animation, illustrating children’s books and painting for 30 years. Linder is

exhibiting in New York City where he resides, and has exhibited internationally in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Hamburg, Germany; Paris, France, and Barcelona, Spain.



Angela Wraight


Awaiting Biography



Anna Dowsland


Awaiting Biography



Ashley Hewerdine


I'm 33, and have been drawing cartoons and comics for as long as I remember.  Last year I decided to try and make something more of it, and released Deathridge, a horror/cartoon comic, last year (


Otherwise I fill my time with my guitars, my car, and a part-time job selling tickets at a London Underground station.


Later this year my wife and I are moving to Amsterdam to start a new life, at which time I will become a full-time struggling artist.



Ben Crappsley


Awaiting Biography



Bethan Mure


I am a 3rd year illustration student and comic artist living in Bristol with work available to see here



Bloodlust Comics


Péter Fábián

I was born in 1986, Balassagyarmat, Hungary. I'm a graphic artist and I'm working as a tattoo artist for 6 years. I'm  the creator of a hungarian author's comic series, called Bloodlust. I'm work on the series with Viktor Kozmajer. I'm the comic artist of Bloodlust, my main activity is the drawings. We write the series together with Viktor. Until now, we printed 4 graphic novels in our own cost.

DeviantArt page:


Viktor Kozmajer

I was born in 1987, Balassagyarmat, Hungary. In my freetime, I'm working on our own hungarian author's comic series, called Bloodlust with Péter Fábián. I'm the co-writer of Bloodlust, the webmaster of, and I'm try to help Péter coloring our comic. I like comics since I was a child, I like drawing very much, but I haven't draw an own comic, I just always bombing Péter with my ideas :)

DeviantArt page:



Bob Smith


Bob Smith is both a digital artist and musician. He combines different techniques such as digital painting and photo manipulation and enjoys experimenting with new media applications. The same attitude is reflected in his audio project ‘Meet on Titan’ which utilises recorded instruments, found sounds and a multitude of effects. He is inspired by classical and science fiction literature with Philip K. Dick, John Steinbeck and Kurt Vonnegut proving particularly influential. Since graduating from Canterbury Christchurch University with a degree in Digital Media and Music Production Robert has worked for the Folkestone Creative Foundation whilst pursuing freelance work and his own projects in his spare time. He is currently collaborating on several audio projects and creating an e-zine.



Catriona Blaker


Awaiting Biography



Chris Baird


Chris Baird is a human person who does things with stuff. He can be found wandering the Information Superhighway at



Clifford Fowler


Cliff Fowler is a freelance illustrator currently based in  Munich Germany. He graduated in Fine Art: Printmaking in 2008 and has since completed further studies in Primary Education. Originally from Australia he has traveled extensively through Asia, India and Europe and has settled in Germany, in order to pursue his dream of becoming a highly regarded professional illustrator.



Dave Henman


I am an artist and illustrator that lives in London. In my work I am interested in the crossover between 'Fine Art' and 'Comics'. My drawing at the moment is influenced a lot  by Dada and Surrealist collage. I am as much interested in the materials used and naïve mark making as I am in telling a story.



David Robertson


David Robertson makes comics, reads comics and writes about comics.  He's written for The Comics Journal, Down the Tubes, The International Journal of Comic Art, Nude, Spaceship Away, Starscape and Stripped. His own comics work has appeared in Belt Sander, Crap Your Pants, Eric, Funtime, Shiot Crock, Small Pets, The UK Web and Mini Comix Anthology and the Europeans cartoonists’ website 40075km. Through Fred Egg Comics, he self-publishes his small press mini-comics Berserkotron and Dump. Twitter: @fredeggcomics; Blog:



David Shaw


I was born and educated in Ireland, Belfast and Dublin. Like the character in the Grimm tale I went out to learn fear in the education system. Taught drama and theatre studies in several schools. Had work experience in the National Theatre and directed a series of plays. Won the best original work prize in Barclays Musical Theatre Awards and completed MA in expressive arts at University of Kent. Has recently completed graphic novel called Arandora Crossing based on Second World War tragedy surrounding the sinking of Arandora Star. Whilst searching for a publisher I am working on some contemporary takes on Grimm Tales.



Di Lorriman


Awaiting Biography



Doiminic Evans


Doiminic Evans works in Production and Post Production on feature films, which takes all his time and some that he borrowed. He always had an interest in comics and has previously had some work included in the Dead Roots zombie anthology.  'The Orb' is the first thing that he has dared to draw. He has written several screen plays that he likes to think are on a big hollywood producer's desk second from the top of the todo pile.   Often has the spelling of his name corrected for him to Dominic which it isn't, but this is only important if you want to follow him on twitter. @Doiminic





This is Edieop; an illustrator, creator of comics and truly awful things. she likes to draw in inks and crayon, occasionally paints and works with collage and mixed media to create macabre and sometimes slightly absurd illustrative narratives and comics.



Emily V Solichin


Awaiting Biography



Emma Thrussell


Emma Thrussell is a freelance digital illustrator and designer living in Kent.

She draws her art style from her love for comics and classical fairytale illustrations.

When she isn't drawing, she likes to spend her free time making costumes and playing video games.



Francisco Sousa Lobo


Awaiting Biography



Grainne McEntee


Creator of Apes 'n' Capes and contributor to the Dead Roots anthology, Grainne McEntee was born to and raised by a pack of God-fearing wolves in a cavernous hole punched in the side of a Drumlin in Cavan, Ireland. Copious amounts of cheese and crackers spawn her writing.  Stinking Bishop is her weapon of choice. And a pen.  Pens are good too. She has been thinking about writing for a long time. She finally got round to it.



Brett Uren


Creator of Kuzimu, The Vale, Torsobear and other wonderfully wild comics you'll find under a stone somewhere. A fan of things dark and eldritch. He would be a misanthrope, if he didn’t find so much to laugh at.

Sometimes a joke is just that. But if it's a joke about dark rituals to open interdimensional gateways into pubs, then it is probably original. Creating complex stories that delve into spheres of philosophy, science and politics are only really memorable if they revolve around strange creatures. It's true, he says, check out a myth or fable sometime. This self-styled ‘King of the Monsters’ lives in a cosy Aylesbury cave with his sired one and delicious little spawnling.



Guildford College


Awaiting Biography



Hannah Lee Miller


Hannah Lee Miller, a born and bred Londoner with a lifetimes passion for comics and cartoons has finally started putting her own work out there.

I have spent most of my life writing, crafting, film-making, illustrating and creating but my main passion is drawing. I am a keen cartoonist, and particularly love graphic novels of which I have over 400 books.

I particularly love autobiographix using lovely page layouts and beautiful narrative led artwork.

Instead of getting annoyed with urban living I like to cartoon my experiences



Jack Hugh Baker


Comic Artist and LV99 Wizard



Jake Ayres


I'm a hobby artist who came late to drawing and has been lucky enough to get a few freelance illustration jobs. I've spend the last few years of my life back and forth between the UK and Japan, something which shows heavily in my style!



Jake Lava


Jake Lava is a sort-of comic artist from Bristol. He graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University with a degree in Graphic Arts & Design and now he mostly illustrates comics for his website -



Karolina Bosikova


Awaiting Biography



Keelan Malo-Smith


Keelan Malo-Smith is an Edmonton, Alberta based freelance Illustrator. Accomplishments include poster design for the Global Youth Assembly and painting a 3 wall mural for Startup Edmonton. He enjoys creating comics, telling stories through his artwork and writing songs about back to the future.



Krisztina Sztupakné Molnár


I read Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics about five years ago, that book had a very dangerous side-effect on me: I started making comics.

Until now I created mostly comic strips, so this whole two A4 pages long story for your contest was really spacious for me :) I used traditional ink & paper for the outlines, and digital tools for text and colours - as usual in my comics.

This is my first contest in the UK (I come from Hungary), and also my first story in English.


You can find more drawings of mine on deviantART:


And I publish those comic strips (unfortunately only in Hungarian) here:



Kyle Harabedian


Kyle Harabedian is an illustrator and cartoonist originally from Dearborn, Michigan who now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He received a Bachelors degree from Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan and recently completed a Master of Fine Arts degree at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. His MFA thesis project; a comic book adaptation of William Hope Hodgson’s short story The Gateway of the Monster, explored the genres of horror and pulp fiction. His portfolio can be viewed on his website.



Lawrence Rider


Awaiting Biography



Rebecca Teall


Awaiting Biography



Lee Christien


Lee Christien is currently studying for an MA in Sequential Design and Illustration at the University of Brighton. Lee is influenced by the work of Hugo Pratt, EP Thompson and British Sea Power. His dream job would be as a reporter/cartoonist for the Tour De France.



Mandy Assin


My name is Mandy Assin. I am a Medical Practitioner in Brighton where I also live. I have drawn cartoons & painted in watercolours for as long as I can remember. I have had no training in art or illustration & most of my work has involved drawing for pleasure & for friends or colleagues. I illustrated a textbook in 1990 published by Cambridge University Press entitled ‘The Practice of Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapy’ by Lynne Drummond & Richard Stern & I have developed Patient Information Leaflets for work & for the University.



Maria Torano


I live and work in London. I draw and write comic books and do other forms of illustration and graphic design. My work deals mainly with the subjects of personal transformation and psychological states. I often create stories that contrast the very ordinary with the unexpected.



Mark Thatcher


Cartoonist, illustrator, designer. I work freelance for businesses, publishers and individuals. Since leaving art college thirty-odd years ago I’ve earnt a crust from a wide variety of art and design work, including drawing lots of houses, pubs and local scenes; painting and drawing dogs and wild animals for posters and prints; and painting municipal murals. I’ve illustrated educational books in Holland and even had a proper 9-5 job for ten years as a Graphic Designer for a newspaper group. But I’ve always drawn cartoons, caricatures and comic strips, and for the last few years that’s mainly what I’ve been doing.



Michi Mathias


Drawing is what I did all the time in my earlier life, starting with the margins on pretty much every bit of paper at school. Later, in the days before computers, I'd get asked by friends and colleagues to make posters, stationery, bumper stickers, wine labels.... all sorts of graphics projects which I was always delighted to do.  Then somehow, it all got put to one side.  I was renovating old houses and making jewellery, then working full-time for an environmental group, lived in Japan for awhile and did freelance translation when I came back, had two beautiful boys, set up a small veggie sushi business, and got busy playing and teaching music.


Now, after too many years of watching enviously from the sidelines, I'm so happy to be back.  And I've left behind some of my old striving for technical perfection and fine detail that used to be so frustrating, and now embrace a bit of wonkiness.  Not too much, I hope.  It's exciting to be learning new things.  I'm still drawing by hand, though, just like in the old days.



Miriam Kendrick


Miriam Kendrick is a freelance artist living and working in Kent. Although having spent her lifetime so far drawing and painting, she has only been drawing comics for the past three years. Having begun drawing short comic strips for fun, she quickly recaptured the love for story telling which she'd had as a child and began writing short stories in comic form, most recently including a mystery set in the noble town of Tunbridge Wells.



Nicholas Jones


Awaiting Biography



Paul Shinn


Paul Shinn is a freelance illustrator and comic artist based in London. Using a combination of hand-drawn and digital techniques in his work,

Paul likes to create images which make people smile. Paul has produced comics for the bands Emmy The Great and Emperor Yes. You can view more of his work online at



Pip Hodgkinson


Using inks, pastels, oils and pencils Pips works attempt to create dark worlds linked by nostalgia, humour and a sense of decay. A graduate filmmaker from the east coast of Suffolk Pip now resides in London, not making as many films a he should but doing a lot more painting and illustration, so every cloud.



Richard Squarecube


Richard Jeferies (facebook name Squarecube) Artist for Sale ( or short term rental) who; draws, paints, illustrates, sculpts, performs, tutors, Paints Walls and people. For a glass of wine and some chocolate he will tell you his life story.



Rick Houghton


Rick is a designer and founder of Houghton Kneale Design a consultancy specialising in the design of museum and exhibition displays. He is also co-founder of Marine Studios and it was his crazy idea to have a comics challenge every year because he thought it would be fun, not realising he would have to spend the weekend organising it. -



Robert Poulter


Robert Poulter has taken the traditional medium of toy theatre as a starting point and written and designed original productions which use movement, light and sound to create a new theatrical experience in miniature. Since 1980 his performances have taken place in many art galleries, museums and festivals, not only in the UK but also Germany, the USA, France and the Netherlands. Robert has also organised six major festivals of paper theatre, two juxtaposing live theatre with model theatre. He has also written, designed and directed three large open air spectacles and worked on numerous street theatre events. As a writer, illustrator and book designer, Mr. Poulter has a number of publications to his credit.



Sam Allen


I've been in the last couple of issues of AIC (Lifeboat and Great Tree) and resulting from that I've been involved with Mike Garley at Comixology. I'm going to pen some 10 page strips for his online stuff.


On a more general basis, I work as a commercial artist from Southampton and I sell pop-art inspired canvases at Winchester Market once a month under the banner Neopop.


My first love has always been comics and comic art (Vintage Marvel, Schulz, Herge, Searle, Mad Magazine, Gilbert Shelton, Moore, Miller, Darwyn Cooke, Bruce Timm, Dave Stevens, Bolland, Allred e.t.c.) and my desire to be a comic artist has never dimmed (see 1st panel of The Orb!).


I'm a keen runner, I love clubbing (oldest raver in town now in my mid 40's!), cat lover, movie obsessive.


Claim to fame: I once voice directed Sylvester Stallone for a game which I scripted. I also got roaringly drunk with Johnny Rotten one afternoon at the Met Bar.



Silvia Ballardini


Silvia Ballardini, known as Silly.

23 years old. Physically between Ravenna and Bologna, mentally in different place somewhere in space and time.

She graduated at artistic high school P.L.Nervi in Ravenna in 2010 and she earned a 3-year degree at Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna in 2014, painting class.

She's currently studying comic art at Academy of Fine Art of Bologna.

She's a comic artist, an illustrator and a complete nerd. She's influenced by the aesthetic of Victorian Era and by her great obsession: TV series. Trails of all her interests can also be found in her work: movies, books, comics, music, science fiction, anime, manga, videogames, cosplay.

She's still waiting for her Hogwarts letter and the sudden appearance of the Tardis.

If you've seen the Doctor, contact her at: |



Simon Bridgland


I am an illustrator based in kent and am currently completing my final year of university. I have always loved comics and now enjoy being able to make my own. I create my work with a range of materials and my process is inspired by printmaking techniques.



Stelios Tomazos


My full name is Stylianos (Stelios) Tomazos. I come from Greece and I was born on October 22nd, 1984 in Chios Island (an island in the eastern Aegean Sea). At the age of 18, I came to Athens to study in the University. At the time being, I continue living in Athens. I have a degree in English Language and Litterature and another one in French. My postgraduate studies were focused on "Educational Technology and Human Resource Management". I also attended a two-year programme on 3D Animation. I love reading novels (Classic Litterature, Modern Litterature) and, of course, comics. I am a superhero comicbook fan, but I love European comic albums (French, Italian) and crime stories, as well. I spend my leisure time working out in the gym, writing comicbook scripts and drawing comics for contests or for my personal projects.


This is my Deviant Art webpage where you can find more samples of my artwork:



Steve Alexander


I've just taken early retirement from an office job, and now have time to enjoy my hobbies which include drawing cartoons. Recently, I've been working on a daily gag strip, Me and My Rubber Chicken, which can be found at



Steven Fraser


I am an artist, writer and animator who tells unique stories with interesting and compelling characters. I have worked in different industries and media including videogames, animation, photography, toy design and comic books. My goal is to entertain and take people into new and fascinating worlds. My latest project is a webcomic called Comic Book Poems.



Tamas Kondor


I was born in 1984 in Sarvar, Hungary. Since I was a child I've been interested in the arts, especially the visual arts, graphic expression. I graduated as hungarian literature & drawing teacher in 2008 in Szombathely. In recent years – especially through computer graphics – I worked on applied graphics, but in addition I'm dealing with comic strips and animated films too. The traditional graphic technics – like the hand drawing as a great authentic self-expression form – are important for me. In 2009 I was finalist in the international EuroCartoon competition in Brussels. With my comic-project called „The Six Lives Of Gren” I become an invitation to Poznan to the finals of the Ligatura Pitching competition in 2012. In 2013 I have a publication in the Stripburger magazine's international comic anthology called „Workburger”.



Thomas Watling


An early interest in science fiction led Thomas naturally into a degree in physics, and led his mind to wondrous places. Expressing abstract and interesting ideas in different ways has always been a source of his motivation. Despite not having much experience in drawing he sincerely hopes you enjoy what he has.



Thomas Webb


Described as a 'Work in Progress' comic artist/illustrator - whose not good at drawing a comic about 'the Orb that we are'.

Has also dabbled in 3D design software and web comics. Resides/trapped in the Chilterns at the end of the Metropolitan Line and is currently looking for collaboration/project work.



Tony Holdsworth


Tony Holdsworth is a writer, artist and soon-to-be student of comics. In September he will be found at Staffordshire university studying Cartoon and Comic Arts, but for now he's at



Ulises P. López


Ulises is a Spanish cartoonist who has lived in Germany and the UK. He has published comics in newspapers and magazines all over Europe and Argentina, he has won a few awards, and he has exhibited his work. He is also a board member of the Association of Spanish cartoonists (AACE) and was a jury member of the National comic award of Spain. He writes their biographies in the third person because he thinks it's more interesting.



Zsolt Halmi


Awaiting Biography