Adam Newcombe

PhD (Western Australia)

Bachelor of Design Studies (New South Wales)

Graduate Certificate of Higher Education (The College of Teachers, London)

Adam has been working as a design academic for nearly twenty years and has specialised in establishing, writing and delivering undergraduate and post- graduate design degrees. His undergraduate honours degree is in Design Studies, specialising in museum display and his doctorate is in colonial history and graphic communication in the historical context. Adam has travelled extensively and has lived and taught in Malaysia, Germany, Pakistan, UK, Singapore and China. Before becoming an academic Adam had careers in both the theatre and music industries.

Adam is also a practising designer as well as maintaining an Art practice focused on digital imaging, collage and the graphic novel. His most recent writings have been concerned with the role of hand/eye studio skills and the role of craft in undergraduate design education and work on the spirituality, sense of country and society of Tasmanian Aborigines. This work plus his art practice, graphic novel work and further writings will soon be ported to a new website now in process. Presently Adam is working on a book of history for design students, a novel set in 19th century Tasmania, a new exhibition of digital image work and his second graphic novel.


Adrian Unwin

Ex Royal Engineer, age 58, I have a grown up son and married daughter ,I have worked off shore and on shore in the oil and gas industry , and also air side ramp/ bag dock controller at East Midlands Airport, I am now a semi retired gardener, and traveller, mainly camping with my dog Meg.


Alan Remfry

Born in London, now living in Durham. UK. Worked  in London Primary schools designing teaching materials for use in classrooms. Then in scientific data and IT with Natural England nature conservation (North East), before taking early retirement.

Now he has time to draw cartoons and write a graphic novel. Creating comic characters such as Penelope Preen. Also preparing a serial strip cartoon for newspapers  As above. So below. Currently joining other writers and artists on a joint project:  Newcastle University/ British Science Festival 2013 Science Comic book – Epic Themes.

He usually sketches and inks drawings which are scanned, then filled with colour by various graphic software.


Amanda Davis

Awaiting biography


Andy Poyiadgi

A J Poyiadgi makes films by day and comics by night. He likes the collaborative nature of one and the solitary demands of the other.

His comic Teapot Therapy was short-listed for the Comica/Jonathan Cape/Observer Graphic Short Story Prize and he recently completed a story for the anthology ink+PAPER. He has just started an ongoing strip for Shots magazine.

Career highlights include working with Richard E Grant and discovering that tea can be used for drawing as well as drinking. - - @ajpoyiadgi


Angela Wraight and Nasrin Begum

Written by Nasrin Begum, a short story author who has recently turned her hand to writing comic scripts.

Drawn by Angela Wraight, who normally draws two ongoing comics, Unnatural Remedy and Circuit Breaker, both written by Gwen Kortsen. Details of these (and other projects) can be found on her portfolio site, She also sometimes paints.

Angela and Nasrin are currently collaborating on a picture book project called "Suha wants to wear purple". More information about this project can be found on Angela's tumblr,


Anna Tsocheva

Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, I am a freelance illustrator and comics artist.

Since 2003, I've worked on several different short comics (up to 70 pages long) and participated in competitions across the world. After graduating from the Art Academy in Sofia, I found that my own work stimulated me to organize events and help open a path and boost other local artists. Currently I enjoy working as an illustrator, creating my own comics, participating in competitions and teaching a little something about comics to novice artists.

I enjoy changing and experimenting with styles, narratives and stories in comics and am open to a really wide variety of approaches and styles. My wish is to help comics artists and comics as a whole become more popular in my own country.


Antonio Vinci

Antonio Vinci was born in the south of Italy but he has lived for four years in the north of  Italy. He graduated in economics and he works in the economic, he graduated from ”international school of comics” and he is a cartoonist as a second job. He lives in Reggio Emilia with his wife and his son but he dreams a balcony that overlooks the sea.


Arrianne Barker

Arrianne spent three eventful years studying Graphic design in Bristol. She has worked across both print and digital media with an emphasis on clean cut typography. Motion graphics played a key part in her final year of university but she kept up her passion for all things tactile - from book binding, screen printing, paper mechanics and stop frame animation. She is happy to experiment with any format and will never tire of tackling a new challenge.

After the successful completion of her degree, Arrianne took her keen eye for detail and applied this to her new (and slightly unexpected) profession in the medical industry. She is currently working in London for ‘Medical Imaging’, a company dedicated to detecting sight threatening eye diseases through the use of 2D and 3D imaging software. Her new passion for medical illustration and ophthalmology may be at the forefront of her life but she will always make time for self initiated design projects.

When she is not desperately seeking the perfect typeface or examining the back of an eye, she can be found doing the “Shim Sham”, Frankie Manning style.


Azisa Noor

An Indonesian residing in Minneapolis and trying to make friends with the city. I love trees, old places, good food, and stories.


Catherine Pape

I'm an illustration student in my third year at UCA Maidstone, originally from Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk. I like to draw stories and explore the towns and countryside of Kent. My work often focuses on the relationships between humans and nature, and finding beauty in the mundane moments of everyday life.


Chris Baird

Chris Baird toils in meaningless obscurity in Southeastern Virginia. Occasionally, he makes comics. Sometimes people even print them.

You can contribute to his zine at:


Clare Pattinson

Biography: Freelance 'maker'. I make animations, illustrations, cartoons, ceramics and automata from 'junk' and found objects. Set up Turner Handel Traditional Toys last year where we make traditional toys, automata and run workshops and community events. To see more of Turner Handel, go to Facebook and search Turner Handel Traditional Toys. Currently have a shop/stall in Poportunity, 99 - 102 High Street, Margate.

Presently in the process of opening a pop-up gallery called 'The Booth" which will go on tour and support local artists.

Qualifications: B.A (Hons) animation. (1997), Diploma in Illustration. (1999), Diploma in Ceramics and Design. (1990)


David Henman

I live and work in London, it feels too big and busy and I'm thinking of moving. I spend a lot of my time drawing, expressing myself creatively is very important to me. I really like comics as a form of self expression, words + pictures! My father writes and my mother draws - maybe it's genetic!


David Shaw

I was born and educated in Ireland, Belfast and Dublin. Like the character in the Grimm tale I went out to learn fear in the education system. Taught drama and theatre studies in several schools. Had work experience in the National Theatre and directed a series of plays. Won the best original work prize in Barclays Musical Theatre Awards and completed MA in expressive arts at University of Kent. Has recently completed graphic novel called Arandora Crossing based on Second World War tragedy surrounding the sinking of Arandora Star. Whilst searching for a publisher I am working on some contemporary takes on Grimm Tales.


Edie Owczarek-Palfreyman

Freelance illustrator looking for editorial or book illustration work. Also available for collaboration, project work, and interning.


Genetic Moo

Genetic Moo is an art group who make interactive video installations. We use photographs and videos of our own bodies animated into fantastical sci-fi chimera.

The Phylogenator, part comic strip - part technical diagram, imagines another way in which these creatures could have arisen. Genetic Moo live in Margate.


Georgia Elliott

I studied Art Foundation at Bournemouth University and I am now a third year illustration student currently studying at the UCA in Maidstone. I predominately work with narrative and reportage, and enjoy experimenting with mono-types and other print processes.

Here's a link to my most recent project, a book entitled 'Life at the End of the Earth.'  A narrative about how global warming is putting inuit tribes in danger.

There is also more work at


Gillian Hatcher

Gill Hatcher was born in North Lanarkshire, where the Covenanters' Oak can be found, and now lives in nearby Glasgow. She has been producing self published comic books since 2007, and is the founder and editor of Team Girl Comic, a collective and anthology for women comic artists in Scotland. Her stories are often autobiographical or wildlife-themed.

TGC: - Blog:



Glynnis Fawkes

Having spent several years and more summers painting and working as illustrator on archaeological projects in Cyprus and Greece, Glynnis Fawkes now lives with her Classicist husband and two children in Vermont, where she ponders on how to stir up the ancient past in cartoons and paint, and occasionally teaches courses in Comics at the University.


Ian O’Shea

I'm a freelance illustrator and graphic designer living in Maidstone Kent,

forever working and exploring new projects. I've also recently had my

first book published. For more info check out my website.


Jake Ayres

I'm a hobby artist who came late to drawing and has been lucky enough to get a few freelance illustration jobs. I've spend the last few years of my life back and forth between the UK and Japan, something which shows heavily in my style!


Jan Wheatley

"I am a Margate based comic creator. I self-publish the serialised 'Many Happy Returns', a coming-of-age story of first love, set in an Essex new town during the Thatcher years...  "Jan Wheatley started this as a movie project, but lucky for us it got stalled and she decided to turn it into a comics serial." Paul Gravett

I also illustrate ‘Margate – Then & Now’, a series of images celebrating the town’s rich heritage/history alongside the current regeneration. The designs are reproduced on multiples such as t-shirts/mugs, and promoted and sold locally at Rough Trade (a collaborative trading space on Fort Road.)

I have delivered a number of comic workshops locally, working with Turner Contemporary, Pie Factory Music and Kent Libraries."


Joanna Keys

Joey, 23 year old illustration student originally from Malvern. Love painting. Hate spiders.


John Maybury + Mark Badham-Moore

John Maybury is a lazy comic artist who searches for an quicker way of doing things - unfortunately he hasn't found it yet.

He has worked on a number of small-press comic projects including his Eagle Award nominated naughty SF comedy: Space Babe 113.

The lack of an undo button on most currently available pencils is probably why he prefers to create artwork digitally.

Mark Badham-Moore lives and works in Lincolnshire, but was engineered in Kingston Upon Thames and Cambridge, after being vat-grown in South-East London.

He likes eating pens & brushes, but sticks to be being a vegetarian like a rash. He wishes he had more time to read, but life gets in the way...


Kam Rehal

Kam Rehal is a graphic designer who sometimes dabbles in illustration and other disciplines. He likes making, studying and playing with design and visual culture.


Kara Sievewright

Kara Sievewright is an artist and writer who creates graphic stories, prints, zines, and books. She has published comics in World War Three Illustrated, the AltCom No Borders Anthology, and in a number of literary magazines. She is originally from the west coast of Canada where she grew up under the shadow of second growth rainforest but she is presently living in Toronto. She is working on a graphic novel

called The Salt, Salt Sea.


Keith Page

Full-time British comics artist for 20 years. See interviews @ and Downthetubescomics


Kiki Kalahari

I am an Illustration student currently in my third year at the University for the Creative Arts in Maidstone. Being German/South-African I’ve grown up in an international environment and have always been influenced by the huge variety of cultures around us, taking inspiration from stories and mythologies from across the globe. My work often includes elements of stylized surrealism and a sense of magic, achieved primarily by mixing media such as collage, coloured pencil and fine-liner to create detail and texture.


Lee Christien

Lee Christien is a Marxist and Illustrator based in Brighton. He studied at the University of West England and is currently applying for a MA in Sequential Design at the University of Brighton. Lee is influenced by the work of Hugo Pratt, EP Thompson and British Sea Power. A primary theme across his various projects is an investigation of sequential approaches to the depiction of natural forces, movement and situations. The abstraction of Pictograms and instructional images are an area of particular focus and inspiration. His dream job would be as a reporter/cartoonist for the Tour De France.


László Lénárd

László Lénárd (born in 1977, Eger, Hungary) - self-made comic creator. Has 2 own small press graphic novel in hungarian and wrote some stories for others. Also writes reviews about comics for some blogs.


Katalin Sárdi

Born in 1995, Budapest, Hungary - self-taught comic artist and amateur puppet-actor/maker. Has one short comic printed in hungarian and a bigger story in making (the short comic is the promo of the bigger story). Goes to Secondary School. Also writes short stories sometimes.  DeviantArt page:


Luke Scoffield

Luke Scoffield lives and draws in Suffolk. He studied Illustration for Animation at the University of Derby during the middle of the last decade. He has always loved stories and is eminently available for paid work.


Maria Tor

My name is Maria Torano, I am from Spain, but l am living and working in London. I love illustration and I draw and write comic books, I do this whenever I have the opportunity. At some point I realized it was the perfect medium for me. I think freedom of expression is quite unique to this medium. My work deals mainly with the subjects of transformation and psychological states. Over the last few years I have been doing different things, illustrations of characters for a theatre play, graphic novels, illustrations, and publishing comic strips in a Spanish magazine called Rumble!!


Mark Thatcher

Currently freelancing as an illustrator/cartoonist, Mark has an eternal enthusiasm for comics! He draws cartoons and caricatures for publishers, businesses and individuals and lives in Faversham with his wife and 8 year old daughter.


Megan Doherty

Megan Marie, a nomadic writer, is currently working as in Human Resources for Ajiey Media in London. In addition to her responsibilities with the internal communication and organisation of Ajiey Media, this role embraces the growing independent creative industry within that of the Capital.

The young writer now devotes a large amount of her spare time to her various blogs, on-going collaborations with artists, and finally experimenting with several media formats that are beginning to take ground in the creative industry today.

To experience more of her work visit

or her experimental project’s


Natalie Charles

I am a third year Illustrator at UCA Maidstone, currently playing around with Animation. My blog is


Neil Gibson + Leo Gonzalez

The artist was Leo and his work is attached. I (Neil Gibson) am the writer and founder of T Pub comics. I left management consulting a year ago to follow my dream of making quality comics. It is my mission in life to get more people reading comics. I think the medium has so many great qualities which many people sadly miss.

Other works by me: Twisted Dark Volume 1, Twisted Dark Volume 2, Twisted Dark Volume 3, Twisted Light Volume 1, Tabatha and Tortured Life.

Leonardo Gonzalez is from Queens, New York and is a recent Graduate from the University of Hartford. He discovered his talent at a very young age and has not looked back since. He loves comic books, monsters, movies and pizza. He currently lives in Connecticut with his 2 dogs and shares his studio space with a white pigeon named Lewis. His dream job would be to someday illustrate a twelve issue story for Marvel Comics featuring the Man-thing; his favorite swamp creature!


Nick Jarvis

Awaiting biography


Nicki Martin Harper

Nicki is a designer, artist and maker who works for fringe theatre companies around London. She is also working on her first graphic novel.

See Nicki's work at


Nuala Murphy

Nuala Murphy was born in 1987 in the seaside town of Eastbourne, East Sussex.

She studied a Fine Art BA at the University of the West of England in Bristol and graduated in 2009.

She now lives in London and works part time in a shop whilst renting a studio.


Pablo Roa

Pablo Roa. Madrid. Spain. 1986.

Illustrator and screenwriter for tv series, Pablo combines his personal work making comics with comercial orders. He was the Artist Residence for FIB Cinema 12 (Film Festival from Festival Internacional de Benicàssim), and he has made many works to music bands like Doctor Persona or La Catrina. He was the winner of the Injuve Comic Award in 2011.


Pat Wilson

I'm a visual artist/curator, until recently working from studio in Margate

where I managed the gallery programme for Harbour Arm Gallery for past three years.

Currently working on a Prosper (

collaborative project, looking at tourism and information exchange. I work with traditional and digital media: most recently showed paintings (see below) at Hastings Museum & Art Gallery, as part of ACE funded project: 'Telling Stories'


Paul Eldridge

Paul Eldridge has been scribbling comic strips and doodling cartoons for a few years, tending to lean towards the silly and the somewhat odd, he has acted as writer and/or artist for several publications, having his work published in print, online and on clothing. A selection of his work can be seen by googling "Kerchow" and heading to his website, he would be more than happy for you to stop by for a nice cup of tea and a chat,..please bring biccies.


Rachel Sale

I’m an illustrator who makes work from a freezing room in Bermondsey, South East London.


Radovan Sensel

F=art. We are two men who are trying to reflect for all situations around us what we have to metabolised.


Richard Jeferies

Richard Jeferies is an accomplished artist in many mediums. He tutors all ages and abilities with various workshops from fine arts to mixed media and children. He is a professional draughtsman and will always pick up a pencil when he wants to relax. See more of his work on his website Last year he won Artist of the year an award presented by Creatabot, for his steampunk designs.


Rick Houghton

Rick is a designer and founder of Houghton Kneale Design a consultancy specialising in the design of museum and exhibition displays. He is also co-founder of Marine Studios and it was his crazy idea to have a comics challenge every year because he thought it would be fun, not realising he would have to spend the weekend organising it. -


Robert Poulter

Robert Poulter has taken the traditional medium of toy theatre as a starting point and written and designed original productions which use movement, light and sound to create a new theatrical experience in miniature. Since 1980 his performances have taken place in many art galleries, museums and festivals, not only in the UK but also Germany, the USA, France and the Netherlands. Robert has also organised six major festivals of paper theatre, two juxtaposing live theatre with model theatre. He has also written, designed and directed three large open air spectacles and worked on numerous street theatre events. As a writer, illustrator and book designer, Mr. Poulter has a number of publications to his credit.


Russell Mount

I am a student studying Graphic design at Coventry University but work as a freelance graphic designer in the holidays and my spare time to fund university. Such projects I have worked on professionally have been t-shirt designs, logos, posters and flyers.

I embrace Graphic design and fill a lot of my spare time with it, doing personal projects. I enjoy illustration, typography and mixed media. I have good communication skills and have lead several successful group based projects that have gone on to be used publicly.


Sam Allen

I'm a Hampshire based commercial artist. I studied at Winchester and Bournemouth but spent most of the 90's and early noughties in computer games in Croydon and Kentish Town. Then I left the bright lights to became an illustrator. I'm a complete culture vulture with a particular love of Bond, Batman, Roxy Music, Bowie, Blur, Jon Carpenter, Marvel's Silver Age, DC's late, great 80's output, art and architecture - particularly in movies (The International, Blade Runner), Mad Magazine, Ted Hughes' poetry, British Yoof culture (50's to now!). As the lyric goes - These are just few of my favourite things!

I'm married with a stepson and a cat and like most people - love to travel. Partial to white chocolate and Jaffa cakes but I do run marathons which helps assuage my guilt!


Sam Williams

I'm a Bournemouth based writer and artist and a fairly new convert to creating comics.

I co-created the web series The Marvellous Adventures of Swilliam Shines (,  I'm the Online Editor for art zine PCTGRM ( and I'm currently working on a short comic called 'All At Sea' due for release later this year.


Silly Lunastorta

Name's Silvia "Silly" Ballardini, I was born in Bologna, Italy on 13th January 1991 and now I live in Ravenna. I graduated in artistic high school "Pier Luigi Nervi" in Ravenna in 2010. Now I'm studying painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna since 2010.

In 2008, one of my comic was chosen as one of the best comics in competition for the contest "Komikazen"

In 2008, I worked as photographer for the musical events Und So Writer and Indipendulo, MEI.

In 2009, one of the photos I took during the concerts of the band called "Mariposa" was published on "Il Mucchio Selvaggio", for the article about Enrico Gabrielli.

In 2009, one of my comic was chosen as one of the best comics in competition for the contest "Komikazen"

In 2009, I realized the posters and the flyers for the radio program "Area51"

In 2010, I won the 3rd position for the contest "Ti conVinci?"

In 2010, I realized the posters and the flyers for a musical event called "Area51 summer festival"

In 2010, I do an exhibition of my works in homage to Fabrizio De Andrè (July 2010 at Hana-Bi, Marina di Ravenna, RA)

In 2010, some of the photos I took during the concers of Cristiano De Andrè were published on his official website, on his compilation "De Andrè canta De Andrè vol.2" and on "Gioia" for an article about him.

In 2010, I realized the cover for the compilation "Area51 compilation"

In 2012, I exhibit one of my photos at Bibbiena Biennale.

In 2012, I exhibit one illustration at the comic convention "San Donà fumetto"


Simon Bridgland

I am currently in my second year at university studying for a degree in illustration. Collecting and reading comics is a passion of mine and from an early age I have always loved to draw. These things considered, the idea of making my own comics seemed a good one. I live in Kent and mostly work at home with my pet tortoise alongside me.


Simon Russell

Brighton-based Simon Russell draws comics whenever family duties and his career as a freelance illustrator/designer allow and has contributed to and published many small press titles over the years. He volunteers at London's Cartoon Museum and has designed a number of catalogues and books on cartooning.

His illustrations and graphic works can be found at his occasional blog on comics, cartoons and picture-making can be found at and he is currently setting up an online shop for his comics work at

His most recent longform work was the A5 booklet 'Roy', a meditation on the comics-based work of Roy Lichtenstein and the practice of appropriation in art, which he sells at-cost in physical form and has a free extensively annotated version online at his blog.


Spike Stephenson

Whilst I would consider myself an illustrator first and foremost, my work crosses into all manner of practices, such as writing, film making, puppetry and graphic design.

I have just finished my illustration degree and am now looking to enter the graphic novel industry with a view to potentially working in film.


Stylianos Tomazos

My full name is Stylianos (Stelios) Tomazos. I come from Greece and I was born on October 22nd, 1984 in Chios Island (an island in the eastern Aegean Sea). At the age of 18, I came to Athens to study in the University. At the time being, I continue living in Athens. I have a degree in English Language and Literature and another one in French. My postgraduate studies were focused on "Educational Technology and Human Resource Management". I also attended a two-year programme on 3D Animation. I love reading novels (Classic Literature, Modern Literature) and, of course, comics. I am a superhero comic book fan, but I love European comic albums (French, Italian) and crime stories, as well. I spend my leisure time working out in the gym, writing comic book scripts and drawing comics for contests or for my personal projects. I have found a postgraduate programme on Comics Literature in the UK. So, I may be in the UK next year.

This is my Deviant Art web page where you can find more samples of my artwork:


Steve Alexander

I've just taken early retirement from an office job, and now have time to enjoy my hobbies which include drawing cartoons. Recently, I've been working on a daily gag strip, Me and My Rubber Chicken, which can be found at


Steven Fraser

I am an artist and animator who tells unique stories with interesting and compelling characters. I have worked in different industries and media including video games, animation, photography ,toy design and comic books. My goal is to entertain and take people into new and fascinating worlds. -


Stew Simpson

After graduating in 2004 Stew moved to London to explore the music and the art world, but having built a solid foundation in Cumbria Stew has recently moved back to Cumbria to explore his music and art work.

In 2005 “The Best of ...Yet to come” had a very small limited release to high acclaim a few festival dates and BBC Radio Play.

Stew is also the singer and songwriter for local Alt folk band Hadrian’s Union.

Stew has also appeared as a supporting artist in various TV and Film features. These include Billy Elliot, The Bourne Ultimatum, The IT Crowd and Batman the Dark Knight.


Stuart Medley

Stuart Medley is the author of The Picture in Design, a book which explains how we can see and understand pictures that are less real than the images found in the real world. His comics have been published in Deanne Cheuk’s Mu and Neomu magazines. In addition, he was the editor of SiC BAG comics, now in the Michael Hill Collection at the Australian National Library. He is the designer and illustrator for Hidden Shoal Recordings, a critically acclaimed record label with a roster of international artists. He currently lectures in graphic design in Australia.


Tomas Kemp

I am an artist and writer and I keep trying to understand how manifestations of 'the underground' work. As a result of that this comic was the closest I could get to doing a Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers story.


Vasilena Harizanova

I'm from Bulgaria. I study engineering design at the Technical University of Sofia. It has nothing to do with comics or cartoons, but it's actually quite fun....and challenging. I like drawing comics as a hobby. I think that the hardest part about comics is finding your own style that suits you best. That's why I keep experimenting. My Great Tree comic was a bit of experiment too, because I had to complete it in one day. I think it turned out ok :)


Vera Villő Varga

Born in 1981 in Hungary. Her first illustrations were published in a Serbian language book in 2007.

In 2008 she graduated as a sociologist. Since then she had several jobs and positions between cafe owner and web statistical analyst.

In 2012 her interest eventually turned from graphs to graphic novels. Vera lives in Budapest now, and as a passionate fencer, she is currently drawing comics as illustration to a book of fencing. Her dream is to publish an own graphic novel about her heroine (Káfickás Murgyella) and Murgyella's thoughts on life.


Vicky Wood

Victoria Wood: currently resides in Margate and enjoys exploring storytelling through both writing and the odd doodle here and there, with particular fondness for fantasy and folklore.


Zara Slattery

I've been illustrating for over twenty years and have always loved to tell stories through pictures. I discovered graphic novels about four or five years ago and totally fell in love with them and have been tinkering with my own ever since. I'm currently working on several graphic novels, two of which are collaborations with writers and one is my own story. Every now and then I get distracted, and quickly scribble a short comic. Last year, I was invited to take part in the British Council's 'Dickens 2012' celebrations and run 'Sketches by Boz' comic workshops in Athens and Malta in conjunction with their annual comic conventions. I live and work in Brighton and when not scribbling I teach Pen and Wash skills to adult learners at The Friends Centre.


Zuzana Šenšelová

I am 25 years old. I live in a beautiful valley in Slovakia named Turčianska Kotlina. I just finished studies (Economics and Spanish language). I love reading books and trekking with my friends and family.