Adventures in Comics takes place each year in May at Marine Studios, Margate.


An exhibition of comics, graphic novels and sequential narratives, Adventures in Comics has now become a strong annual event which will get bigger and better every year!


All the entries will be published in a newspaper available to buy for the princely sum of £1 + P&P.

Email to get your copy.





Marine Studios is the home and organiser of Adventures in Comics. Also home to award-winning museum design agency HKD, Marine Studios aims to be a hub for ideas and creativity, community and participation.


We host monthly events at our ’First Fridays’, involving exhibitions, talks and workshops.

Adventures in Comics was the first event of 2013 and launched on 1 February 2013. There are some amazing ideas currently being explored through the medium of graphic novels and we want to bring some of this excitement to Margate. We showcased work from a number of artists working within comics, graphic novels and sequential art, both local and international, the experienced professionals as well as emerging new talent.


Visit MARINE STUDIOS for more details.